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Dear women!

The non-governmental organisation “Vera“ can give you information and direct help.

“Vera“ is a counselling center representing the interests of women in Germany who:

  • are in distress or
  • have worked or are working in prostitution and are faced with a problem.

We offer:

  •  we inform you of your rights
  • we help you to get financial support
  • we organize accommodation for you
  • we inform you about professional qualification options and arrange qualification classes for you
  • we can inform you about your legal possibilities on how to take up legal employment in Germany
  • we offer assistance in case you want to or have to return to your home country
  • we inform you about possible offers of assistance in your home country

We accompany you in your individual situation. Benefit from our services and contact us! Nothing will happen against your will!

Our service is free of charge. Your information will be treated confidentially and anonymously.

Phone 0049 391 99977850

Cell phone 0049 170 6809474

Cell phone 0049 170 3101367

Your “Vera“ staff